Setting Goals – The Only Way to Live the Life of Your Dreams


By now I am sure most people know about the 80/20 principle – that 20% of your efforts will result in 80% of your gains (basically). There is also the 95/5 principle, which I am sure you can figure out. This can be applied to pretty much anything (at least in my head).

Applied to goal setting, we can assume that 5% of people in any given profession will end up with 95% of the “achievement”, usually money and happiness.

So how can you get into the top 5% and reap 95% of the rewards? How can you escape the treacherous reality that 95% of people that just stagnantly float through life without ever moving towards their goals, waiting for their lives to happen?


Figure out what you really want and why you want it. If you do not have a specific action plan, strategy, and set of goals written out for the next 30 days, or the next 6 months, or the next 3 years…Dont be surprised when you dont accomplish anything!

If you dont know where youre going, youre going to end up nowhere.

Sit down and really THINK about a plan of action to get where you REALLYwant to be. That means turn off all the electronic crap that doesn’t permit us to think clearly and VISUALIZE and IMAGINE where you want to be for AT LEAST AN HOUR. Seriously, just DO IT.

What kind of car would you drive? What would you do on your computer? What would you do in your free time? What would your daily work routine be? What would your mindset be like? Would your stance be different? What would you read? What kind of music would you listen to? What would your language and attitude be like? IMAGINE EVERY LITTLE DETAIL

Now think, HOW can I BECOME that person that is what I want to be. You must understand, the goal is not to get “things”, it is who you become as a person, the person that it takes to achieve all these goals. What your accomplishments and your journey will make of you as a person. You will be a different person after you achieve these goals than you are now.

Acknowledge that where you are right now is NOT where you want to be. Who you are as a person now is INADEQUATE compared to who you WILLbe. You must make your brain dissatisfied with its current state of being.


Now WRITE DOWN how you will become the person you will be in the future, along with WHY. Figure out what it would have to take. IMAGINE how you could attain everything you were just dreaming of.

Review your written goals often and keep yourself driven and motivated. You must REVISIT and REREAD this piece of paper as time goes on to keep your subconscious mind FOCUSED and DISSATISFIED.

Once you have clarity and your subconscious understands what it is that you want and who it is that you want to become, you will start naturally moving towards your goals.

Couple that with drive and focus, and you will be in the top 5% of anything in what seems like no time at all.