5 Cheapest Cattle Markets In Nigeria



1. Wudil cattle market, Kano
Cattle Market In Wudil
Cattle Market In Wudil
According to reports, Wudil cattle market located in Wudil, Kano state Nigeria has been for decades, a centre for the sales and purchase of cattle of different breeds. It is also one of the places where cattle can be gotten at a relatively cheaper rate. The market is the largest in Nigeria and probably the largest in West Africa as it covered an area of great length and breadth. Activities in the market usually start on Wednesday through Thursday to the d-day, which is Friday.
2. Amansea cattle market, Anambra
Anambra Cattle Market
Anambra Cattle Market
3. Maigatari cattle market, Jigawa


Maigatari Cattle market
Maigatari Cattle market
Maigatari international cattle market is one of the biggest cattle markets in the northern part of the country, because it supplies over 2 million stock of cattle for trading during its weekly market day, Thursdays. The ever busy Maigatari border cattle market is in in Maigatari local government area of Jigawa state and it is approximately not more than 200 meters square in size. It is also one place where you can get cows and rams at a relatively cheap price.
4. Sheme cattle market, Katsina
One of the more popular markets in Katsina state is Sheme Cattle market in Faskari local government area of the state. It is situated along Funtua-Gusau road; a location that provides easy access to the teeming merchants that troop to the market from different parts of the country and across its borders every Friday. The market is characterised with large flock of cattle, sheep, goats, camels, fodder, veterinary drugs and many other things associated with animal husbandry and rearing. Neighbouring states like Zamfara, Sokoto, Kebbi and Kano supply the market with animals. On the other hand, its catchment markets cut across the country, such as Ogumalo and Mile-Twelve markets, Lagos, Bodija, Ibadan, Ogere, Warri, Port Harcourt and Abuja among many others.
5. Potiskum cattle market, Yobe
The Potiskum cattle market is renowned as one the largest Cattle market in Africa and the largest in West Africa. Most of the cattle are transported to other parts of the country and it creates a lot of business opportunities for the local indigenes in the area. Despite insurgency and insecurity, the Potiskum cattle market has managed to stay alive and it offers some of the best prices for cattle in the north. It would really be a good place to get the right price for cattle. Read more.